The security principles of deception and separation



Discuss how the security principles of deception and separation can be applied at the national level to protect against attacks from hostile foreign nations. Identify the four stages of deceptions and how this can employed at the national level. Also, in discussing the concept of separation, ensure to identify how the concept of separation would be different in the context of national infrastructure protection. Please provide examples to support your discussion.




The characteristics of a healthcare professional.



Reflect on the characteristics of a healthcare professional. If you already work as a healthcare professional, in what ways do you demonstrate these characteristics now, or how would you plan to demonstrate them in a future position that you may hold?

Filling the role as a healthcare professional





For this assignment, you will write an essay about how you see yourself filling the role as a healthcare professional, whether now or in the future. First, identify the qualities you feel are critical to being a successful healthcare professional. You should then identify the qualities to professionalism that you bring to the role and how these qualities affect your ability for career growth. Finally, identify the areas in which you feel you need to experience growth.



Creating a Strategy for Marketing a Service



Discuss what other communication tools you recommend they use in addition to the digital tools discussed in your discussion post. Answer the following questions about the service marketing communication plan: Assess the segments targeted by your service’s marketing plan and discuss: The target market for your service. The appeal that will be used in your plan. Product, price, and distribution strategies in the service’s plan. Compare and contrast how creating a services marketing plan is different from a tangible CPG product marketing plan. Explain how you incorporate ethics into your services marketing plan to help build and sustain long-term relationships.






International terrorism




Describe your own definition for international terrorism making any modifications based on those discussions, and then summarize the four waves of modern terrorism and defend your position if you think we are experiencing a fifth wave.
Propose a plan to build and sustain international cooperation on counter-terrorism. You can consider doing this from the perspective of the United States (a lead nation), or use an intergovernmental alliance approach like using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (see NATO Working with partners to counter terrorism), or propose a global international method. Make sure to address the full spectrum of counter terrorism tools such as diplomatic, military, intelligence, economic, informational, financial and law enforcement. Describe how you will create and build the cooperation as well as the pros and cons of your chosen approach.
Technical Requirements










On Week 1 I asked you to think as an entrepreneur and come up with a new product or service you would like to work on.

For your final project, write a business plan for it. You must write min 5 pages (excluding the title and reference pages) and include the following:

. Executive Summary

. Mission and Vision

. Company Description

. Marketing Strategy:

Product Price Place Promotion

. Management Team

. Physical Location and Facilities

. Main Competitors Analysis/ Your Competitive Advantage

. Financial Projections

Income Statement/ Balance Sheet

. Amount and Type of Financing.

Changes in the nursing workplace


When proposing changes in the workplace it is important to obtain the support of stakeholders and decision-makers. Using the week 1 example of data selected to drive policy change describe how you will justify this change. How can this information be presented in order to garner support for a policy change from stakeholders and decision-makers? What elements will be important to include in your communication plan to stakeholders and decision-makers concerning the policy change? Are there practice guidelines or standards that could be used as a resource to justify this policy change? Consider the format that could be used to present data as justification for the need of a policy change with these constituents. Provide examples of technology that could be used to present this information to the constituents.


Type of providers uses various virtualization technologies


What type of providers uses various virtualization technologies to optimize the utilization of their physical IT infrastructure and to ensure an automated scale-out capability based on the performance and resource needs of the customers?
Select one:
a.Service provider
b.AWS provider
c.Cloud Service
d.Both A and C

A log entry should contain at least the following information (if relevant):

Select one:
a.A timestamp with date and current time
b.Type of event
c.Category of event
d.All of the above
In today’s cloud computing, a third-party cloud management broker (CMB) plays an important intermediary role between cloud computing providers and cloud users.

Select one:
a.Third computing audit
b.Third-party integrity auditing
c.Public verifiability
d.Both B and C

Hardware/software failures and operational errors of system administrator

Select one:
a.External adversaries
b.Internal adversaries
c.Byzantine failures
d.Authorized users

What is the name of the map is defined as e: G x G G1, where G and G1 are two multiplicative cyclic groups of the same prime order p?

Select one:
a.Binary map
b.Machine learning map
c.Nonlinear map

d.Bilinear map

Memo to your colleagues

Theo McCracken is angry. As Personnel Manager, he has tried repeatedly to get the employees at Koller Construction Company to refrain from using the photocopy machine for personal copies, yet the copy budget, which he is in charge of monitoring, is consistently over budget by several hundred dollars.
As the Assistant Personnel Manager, you have been given the task of communicating Theo’s displeasure to your colleagues. In addition, Theo has asked you to come up with some kind of plan that will slow the number of personal copies made on the photocopy machine. Thus, you must not only deliver this news to Koller employees but propose a brief, feasible plan for curbing personal copy-making and communicate it via a 1-page memo to your colleagues.